Lol Services



Warning: When purchasing our service you must have a low profile with Riot for at least one week after receiving your order.
We recommend: Do not be toxic, no scripts, inting, report accounts, NO make a support ticket.
Receive large amounts of Orbs, RP, Chests as gifts can alert riot support.

1- We will add you as a friend and send Orbs / Chests + Keys daily until the amount purchased is completed.
2- Do not write to us in the game, we do not read messages, once the gift is sent the account is discarded, all communication is by Telegram.
3- Lol, let send a limited amount of gifts per day, if you buy a lot, we will send gifts daily until your order is completed.

Buy Event Orbs:
10 Orbs --> 10 Dollars
50 Orbs --> 40 Dollars
100 Orbs --> 70 Dollars
*Gift: If you buy 100 Orbs we will give you 50 chests + keys

Buy Chests + Key:
10 Units --> 10 Dollars
50 Units --> 35 Dollars
100 Units --> 65 Dollars

10 TFT Eggs --> 19 USD